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Making It Work – Photo of the Day Feb 28, 2015

Smoke Stacks small

While trying to find the “perfect” shot of these smoke stacks, we took a wide route around the nearby blocks looking for any clearings to see them as the sun was rapidly setting behind. This is one of several shots I snapped from across Naval Square. It isn’t precisely what I was looking for, but some of the unintended elements in the foreground ended up working for me. The problem with having a specific idea of what you want a photo to look like is that it almost never turns out that way. You just have to make the best out of what you can get.

Columns in Light – Photo of the Day Feb 27, 2015

Sunset Columns smallGoing back to last month in D.C., I got this shot at the Jefferson Memorial, which is photogenic in many ways. I love the warmth of this shot as the sun was going down, and the temperature was dropping with it. It’s funny how photos can evoke a warm feeling even when the memory associated with that place is one of bitter cold. I just really enjoyed the light here and the way the columns open up to the sky as it curves.

Catching the Moon – Photo of the Day Feb 26, 2015

Moon box small

We went out last night in Philly for some food and a show and decided to look for some photos at sunset. I couldn’t find the shot I was looking for near an old factory, but while we walked around I found some unexpected shots using wires and smokestacks. The moon was out early so I took some shots over the stacks and in the wires. Shooting the moon is always a challenge to make it interesting and natural because it becomes so small in photos, so I was happy to get this different shot, trapping it inside another element of the shot.

Lonesome Lake – Photo of the Day Feb 25, 2015

Lonesome Lake small

The hike to the Lonesome Lake Hut in the White Mountains was a long and strenuous one even though it was just over a mile and a half. The uphill climb mixed with the snow, getting used to the snowshoes, carrying big packs, and overheating in our clothes made it for a taxing learning experience. We were never too cold (except maybe my toes,) and it got dark before we reached our destination. Luckily we could see the lights of the hut as we got to the other side of the lake and could walk across. This is our exodus after sub-zero temperatures pushed us to our breaking point and we realized it was time to head back to lower altitudes.

Finding the Path – Photo of the Day Feb 24, 2015

Compressed Forest Snow small

Hiking to Arethusa Falls in the White Mountains of New Hampshire was a lot of fun in heavy snow. The path was pretty well packed down for us, but it was certainly still slippery and deep in some places. Sometimes being sure of where the path was could be the part we had to figure out. I loved to just stop once in a while and look ahead at the completely blanketed forest and wonder where the path might lead us. The serenity and beauty of winter have been really fantastic to experience this year.

Staying Afloat – Photo of the Day Feb 23, 2015

Headless Underwater

While at the Bretton Woods resort we stayed at The Lodge, which is a renovated motel with nice views of the White Mountains. As it is part of the large resort, we had access to the Mount Washington Hotel and its amenities. We got to swim and use the hot tub both nights, which is more than I get to swim pretty much any time of the year. It was relaxing after days of skiing, but we also had a good time doing a photo shoot with the pool light. This is one of very many shots I got that I really like including some attempts at feet shots. The light was really fun to work with, and I’ll be posting more soon.

Left at the Top – Photo of the Day Feb 22, 2015

Bretton Railcar

Bretton Woods is a great mountain for skiing and staying, and they are also very good at marketing themselves and their history. At the top of the West Mountain lift there is an old railway car from the Cog Railway that takes visitors to the top of nearby Mount Washington, which is a part of the resort. The colorful car sits perfectly among the snowy trees and the bright blue sky on an amazing ski day. I could spend days at this place.

Spikes on Trails – Photo of the Day Feb 21, 2015

Microspikes Feet small

On our trip to New Hampshire recently we had the opportunity to try out some new things. We did some snow hiking which required some new footwear including snowshoes and these microspikes for traction. Both were surprisingly comfortable and easy to adapt to walking with. It was exciting and fun to be able to venture into new places that would otherwise be inaccessible during the winter and experience them in their snow-covered beauty.

Tips Up – Photo of the Day Feb 20, 2015

Ski Tips small

Some days the snow is just perfect, the sun is out, the skies are blue, and everything is wonderful. That was the case recently at Bretton Woods in New Hampshire. Two days of perfect conditions with few people and beautiful views. I looked forward to every run, and we had an amazing time. I’m hoping for more of this kind of days this weekend in Vermont!

Morning at the Lodge – Photo of the Day Feb 19, 2015

Sunrise Ice small

Spending a couple of nights at The Lodge at Bretton Woods in New Hampshire was a great little vacation. Besides being a nice room, with access to a hot tub, pool, bars, and game rooms at the swanky Mount Washington Hotel, we also got this view just off of our balcony. We got ourselves up at sunrise (which is actually quite later than the posted time since the sun has to get over those mountains…) and had this brilliant golden glow fill the room as it filtered through the hanging ice and lit up the valley. Absolutely worth the wait.