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Rutland – Photo of the Day Mar 8, 2015

Rutland small

During our ski trip to Vermont we stayed in the small town of Rutland. It’s a cute, surprisingly bustling little city with a nice Main Street full of local businesses. I’d recommend the Yellow Deli for food and the Hop’n Moose for a local craft beer. I found my way to the roof of the parking garage for this fantastic view of the city just after sunset. I was glad I took the questionable elevator to the roof to experience a gorgeous blue hour from above.

Base Lodge – Photo of the Day Mar 7, 2015

Base Lodge Skis small

Spending the last couple of days at Okemo Mountain has been a nice change of pace from hopping to different resorts throughout a trip. I always like the unplanned scenes of organized chaos at the lodges where people stack up their skis as they go in for a break from the cold. Some days it’s quite easy to tell just how crowded the slopes are by seeing the rows and rows and skis and snowboards along the sides of the building. Today wasn’t bad at all as far as crowds go and the weather was great so we didn’t have to spend too much time at the lodge anyway.

Vermountains – Photo of the Day Feb 18, 2015


Some days while skiing you can get really lucky with the weather. On clear afternoons in Vermont the mountains stretch out beautifully across the landscape while you glide down wide lanes of white. The state doesn’t seem quite as frozen from this view, and the rolling hills seem to go on forever out to the horizon from the top of Killington peak. As I’ll be heading back to Vermont this weekend for some skiing I was looking back at some of the old photos. This will not be a view I’ll see since Killington is so often overwhelmed by people. Hoping I have more time skiing and less in lines!

Experts Only – Photo of the Day Feb 10, 2015

Diamond Sign small

Since I will be skiing in New England again this week I figured this would be appropriate. Especially with the storm that’s coming through the area. This was at Stratton in Vermont, where the expert diamond trails are plentiful and definitely different than Pennsylvania mountains. The rating system is relative to the trails at that resort so a diamond at one place could be an intermediate trail elsewhere. Either way, these trails were fun and challenging, and I can’t wait to do some more!

Blue and White – Photo of the Day Feb 9, 2015

Covered Trees smallI can’t get enough of the snow-covered trees at the tops of mountains. The tranquil beauty of the soft, silent snow laying heavy upon pine needle-filled branches just makes for a pretty picture. I spend too much time with my hands out of my gloves shooting photos when I should be skiing. This shot is from Stratton, near the top of the mountain. I like the gradient followed by the abrupt shift form sky to the foreground trees. It’s a sharp contrast in an otherwise soft image.

Rum Runner – Photo of the Day Feb 1, 2015

Rum Runner small

I think Okemo ski resort is my favorite place to ski in the east. It has so many great trails, it’s beautiful all over, and you can’t beat the heated, wind-shielded lift. Most resorts have a long, winding trail that cuts across most of the mountain and at Okemo, that trail is Rum Runner. If it weren’t for the pretty views along the way it might not be worth it since it’s a relatively flat trail so you don’t get much speed. That allows you to look around and take in the snow-covered trees and the mountain views along the way.

Smugglers’ Notch – Photo of the Day Jan 31, 2015

Slope View smallLast week, my friend and I went to Vermont for a long weekend skiing several of the best resorts in the Northeast. Smugglers’ Notch gets high scores from a lot of reviewers, and I it was a lot of fun. Definitely not my favorite resort, as that honor goes to Okemo or Stratton, but you can’t argue with these views. The conditions were pretty great all weekend, and the fresh snow made for some great covered landscapes with the coniferous trees. More to come!

My Blue Heaven – Photo of the Day Dec 16, 2014


Skiing season is rapidly approaching, and I can’t wait. As much as I dislike the extreme cold, skiing is still probably my favorite sport. There’s something about gliding on top of the pristine bed of white as the beautiful landscape flies by that I just love. It’s the lift ride back up that’s hard to bear when I can’t feel my hands or face. This shot was taken at an uncharacteristically empty trail at Killington resort in Vermont. We have some plans to spend time in the area again next month, so I have my fingers crossed for more trails like this one!