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Where I Wake Up – Photo of the Day Mar 31, 2015

Some people enjoy familiar surroundings and the comfort of home, but for me, waking up to a new sunrise in a different place every day is perfect. Opening the tent and seeing a colorful sky over Lake Powell was a great surprise since I didn’t set an alarm or plan to wake up. The colors briefly streaked before the sun came over the tops of the canyons and began to shimmer in the lake water. 

Sven – Photo of the Day Mar 30, 2015

Sven small

While in southern Utah we got to visit Best Friends animal sanctuary. They take in dogs, horses, goats, sheep, chickens, pigs, exotic birds, and, of course, cats. While on the tour we stopped at one of the many cat houses where we met Sven, and we became friends right away. He was quite excited to have company and was quick to show us how he likes being pet. The organization is fantastic, doing what they can to keep animals alive and safe while educating people about alternatives to euthanizing pets. 

Colors of Morning – Photo of the Day Mar 29, 2015

Color Run Reflection small

My first day back at work managing photography for The Color Run was a very hectic one. Lots of things were challenging, but everything worked out in the end. It was a beautiful course near the heart of Dallas. There was water all over between puddles and ponds so I took a lot of reflection shots while running around trying to get all my PR photos. Even though I have to be up super early for these races it’s always nice to see the sunrise over the course. 

D Town – Photo of the Day Mar 28, 2015

Dallas Freeway small

My job allows me to do some traveling that’s not part of our road trip so I’m in Dallas currently. The jump from Pacific Time to Central has not gone unnoticed, but I did enjoy a nap at my hotel before venturing out to the city to get some amazing vegan food at Spiral Diner, a couple beer samples at Deep Ellum Brewing, and this shot over the freeway that I really love. It’s been a while since I’ve gotten any good city shots; especially any longer exposures. Considering I was handholding the camera and balancing on a rail with it, I’m extremely happy with how it turned out.

Morning Dune – Photo of the Day Mar 27, 2015

Dune small

Death Valley is an incredible National Park with so much more to offer than I ever knew. The sand dunes are some of the most surreal and amazing things I’ve ever seen in the morning light. The shadows play in such strange ways that it’s hard to tell what is real. This was an amazing way to start the day before hiking in slot canyons, up mountains, and along high ridges. This is definitely a place I’d love to visit more often. 

Ripples – Photo of the Day Mar 26, 2015

Death Valley Ripples small

Detours can be one of the best parts of a road trip, and yesterday we decided to head to Death Valley instead of Moab. We got here in time for sunset, and seeing the low sun on the amazing landscapes here was crazy. The biggest surprise to me the first time I came to Death Valley was how much colorful, varied formations were here. Everything is beautiful and carved by wind and water over centuries. This is one of my favorite places at Zabriskie Point.

Closed – Photo of the Day Mar 25, 2015

Closed small

After more than a week we are leaving Park City for now. We are pretty sure we will be staying away for a while, so this means our ski season is officially over. It has been a great season on the east coast and out here, but it’s sad to think I won’t be able to ski again until next winter. It always seems so long. The Utah mountains were good to us, even though it wasn’t the best snow. We didn’t wait in many lines and we ended up doing a lot more than we thought we would. I’ll be eagerly awaiting next year.

Framed – Photo of the Day Mar 24, 2015

Framed Mountains small

We’ve been having such a good time in the Salt Lake area that we decided to stay for a couple more days. We finally got our discs out today and played at the Creekside disc golf course in SLC. It was a little rainy, but we had a great round and there was a great view all around. The mountains surrounding the city are amazingly close and picturesque. It’s hard to see them in full sometimes, but we got a few great views and I really liked this frame looking back to the tee from the fairway.

Spring Ski – Photo of the Day Mar 23, 2015

Park City Ski People small

I’ve gotten used to the skiing conditions in Park City and we have been able to have a lot of fun with it. It’s not ideal, but any skiing is good. The crowds were minimal for a weekend, and we spent some time at the terrain park and practicing little tricks on the slushy snow. This photo looks like it’s really crowded, but the lift lines were pretty small. It was another beautiful day with the sun out and skis on.

Two Creeks Ranch – Photo of the Day Mar 22, 2015

Two Creeks Ranch smallAfter spending a week in one place it starts to feel a little like home. I’ve gotten used to the roads here and the pretty mountains are a little more normal to me now. I ventured out a bit today during our down time playing card games and went for a run along the trails around the hills. I ran along a creek and saw a herd of moose on a hillside before passing over several small bridges and then this ranch. The sun had fallen below the mountains already, but I really loved the silhouette sign for this place. It definitely feels like how the small town could have been before it turned into the major resort destination it is now.