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Riding Into the Sunset


Sometimes when you can’t physically leave your town you have to find another way to get out. Luckily I have a bike, and New Jersey does have some beautiful sunsets when you find an open area. It so happens that southern New Jersey is pretty flat so you normally don’t have to go too far. I live near an airport, so I took my bike out for a nice 15-mile ride around the open areas for views of this gorgeous sky on a beautiful spring night.


The ride was a nice escape along with the photo op. I look forward to documenting the things I love about the northeast before I abscond for an indefinite period of time. The hardest part about biking around here is finding a place without traffic. It takes some of the fun out of riding when I’m always hoping that driver behind me can see me or isn’t texting and drifting off on to the shoulder of the road. Be careful out there, kids.

P.S. The watermark on the photos is mine, of course. You can see my photography work at if you are so inclined.


What Am I Doing?


This is a question I find myself asking quite often. Any time I’m not on the road I wonder why not. So I’m hitting the road again with no firm destination or time frame. I plan to explore the country (and hopefully the world) while finding ways to make money to continue traveling. I want to share my photos and stories of how I manage this here as well as getting feedback and suggestions from those in the know!


I am an adventurer and a photographer, so I would like this blog to foremost depict the beauty and intrigue I find out on the road, whether I spend a day summiting a mountain or sampling beer at a microbrewery. I want to challenge myself to capture the ephemeral quality of life in travel.


Among my plans for stops along the way are: hiking/climbing mountains, playing disc golf courses, sampling beer at breweries, museums, biking, paddling, and anything else that comes my way. I don’t want to rule anything out or make too many plans. If something looks interesting I’m going to stop by.


For this brief introduction, I suppose my mission statement would be a good thing to include. The thing is, I don’t really have one. I don’t know where I’m going or what I’m doing, but I think that by doing what I love I will find my path. And if that path leads to no single destination and continues on forever, then even better!

The photos in this post were from New Jersey, New Hampshire, and Lancaster, PA. Some of my favorite recent shots.