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Hidden Messages – Photo of the Day May 18, 2015

Small Abstract Ice small

When you look too closely at something you can form a skewed image in your mind about what it is. When you back up it’s sometimes difficult to comprehend what you’re really seeing now that you have the full picture. Context makes all the difference. We expect things to stay the same forever, but they change so frequently and rapidly that our minds don’t have the capacity to adjust. We hold on to old ideas and anything that is comfortable to keep us safe. Denying that things have changed only means that you, yourself, have not changed. The world cannot be slowed.


Lines of Inspiration – Photo of the Day May 14, 2015

Cleveland Museum Lines small

Going to a good museum is always an inspiring experience for me. When I leave I feel a renewed sense of drive to create interesting and creative work. It seems that just seeing a collection of amazing work by talented artists helps me see the world in a different way again. I like finding shapes like this that create interesting negative space and line illusions. This is the outside of the Cleveland Art Museum. Fittingly, the outside was just as inspiring as the inside for me.

Fractured Reality – Photo of the Day Mar 9, 2015

Fractured Window small

The last few hours have been hectic as I’ve been packing for a lengthy road trip to some of my favorite places. At times none of it seems real and my mind is struggling to put all the pieces together to form cohesive thoughts. Ideas come at me from all different directions in varying levels of formation while I try to make sense of it all and make sure I have everything done that I need to. I have finally reached the end of that process and now all that’s left is the waiting to hit the road. Looking forward to new sunrises, sunsets, and everything in between. All that from a window.