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The Window – Photo of the Day July 6, 2015

Weisman Closeup smallThis is another view of the Weisman Art Museum at the University of Minnesota. Capturing unique angles as well as the reflection of light on Frank Gehry’s buildings can provide endless possibilities. As the sun went in and out of the clouds the building seemed to change colors and even textures, which you can see several examples of here. From shiny, hard-edged pieces to dull, less reflective bits, it all somehow works together as a cohesive, almost earthly, structure.

Spirit – Photo of the Day June 2, 2015

Stained Glass small

Striking colors distract from the death that surrounds us, aiming our gaze upwards towards the heavens instead of the small plot of land in the ground which our bodies will inevitably inhabit. Whether it was forethought or just the necessary placement of windows, these ideas lurk in my mind while exploring the cemetery grounds throughout New Orleans. The time- and water-stained above-ground graves and mausoleums are monotone while the sanctuaries boast colorful flowers and windows in true NOLA spirit.

Tunnel Vision – Photo of the Day May 25, 2015

Tunnel Vision smallEver since I was young I’ve been easily distracted by things. I’d stare out the window, wishing I could go outside, or just spend time thinking about what I want to do later instead of focusing on right now. I still spend a lot of time thinking/planning things I can do or wishing I was somewhere else where I could be doing those things. I have been able to focus my energy on a few specific goals lately, and I feel like it’s been going really well. It’s nice to set my sights on something and feel like I’m actively taking steps to achieve it.

Hidden Messages – Photo of the Day May 18, 2015

Small Abstract Ice small

When you look too closely at something you can form a skewed image in your mind about what it is. When you back up it’s sometimes difficult to comprehend what you’re really seeing now that you have the full picture. Context makes all the difference. We expect things to stay the same forever, but they change so frequently and rapidly that our minds don’t have the capacity to adjust. We hold on to old ideas and anything that is comfortable to keep us safe. Denying that things have changed only means that you, yourself, have not changed. The world cannot be slowed.

Lines of Inspiration – Photo of the Day May 14, 2015

Cleveland Museum Lines small

Going to a good museum is always an inspiring experience for me. When I leave I feel a renewed sense of drive to create interesting and creative work. It seems that just seeing a collection of amazing work by talented artists helps me see the world in a different way again. I like finding shapes like this that create interesting negative space and line illusions. This is the outside of the Cleveland Art Museum. Fittingly, the outside was just as inspiring as the inside for me.

This Side of Houston – Photo of the Day Apr 13, 2015

Houston Reflection small

There wasn’t much time spent in Houston, but we got to see a show at a great little venue and check out the park before we had to head east. Though it was a fleeting view, the view was very nice. We’ve been dodging the rain somehow among all the sever thunderstorm warnings, but the rain the has fallen has left behind a lot of puddles that kept us from playing disc golf. It did make some nice reflections of the city that I really had fun shooting.

The Ear Canal – Photo of the Day Apr 1, 2015

Ear Canal small

The last two days were spent in and around the canyons of southern Utah. Outside the national parks, there are tons of slot canyons that have been carved into the landscape over millennia of wind, sand, and water rushing through them. Peek-a-Boo Canyon and Spooky Gulch are two of my favorite slot canyons and they happen to part of one loop hike. This view is from above after I climbed up, stemming and using counter-pressure techniques that are a big part of why I love these canyons so much. They are basically a huge playground in nature, and they are some of the most beautiful landforms I have ever seen.

Fractured Reality – Photo of the Day Mar 9, 2015

Fractured Window small

The last few hours have been hectic as I’ve been packing for a lengthy road trip to some of my favorite places. At times none of it seems real and my mind is struggling to put all the pieces together to form cohesive thoughts. Ideas come at me from all different directions in varying levels of formation while I try to make sense of it all and make sure I have everything done that I need to. I have finally reached the end of that process and now all that’s left is the waiting to hit the road. Looking forward to new sunrises, sunsets, and everything in between. All that from a window.

Staying Afloat – Photo of the Day Feb 23, 2015

Headless Underwater

While at the Bretton Woods resort we stayed at The Lodge, which is a renovated motel with nice views of the White Mountains. As it is part of the large resort, we had access to the Mount Washington Hotel and its amenities. We got to swim and use the hot tub both nights, which is more than I get to swim pretty much any time of the year. It was relaxing after days of skiing, but we also had a good time doing a photo shoot with the pool light. This is one of very many shots I got that I really like including some attempts at feet shots. The light was really fun to work with, and I’ll be posting more soon.

Monumental – Photo of the Day Feb 17, 2015

Monument Abstract small

For the last D.C. photo for a while, I picked this one of the Washington Monument. I tried several ways of shooting the monument in an interesting and unusual way. This is my favorite of those attempts, with the abstract lines and colors creating more than just a straightforward image of a landmark and more of a thoughtful close up on it that almost has some ground-reversal qualities. I also like that it reminds me a bit of a flag and that the tone of the bricks changes so dramatically from the late day sunlight to the shadows.