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The Window – Photo of the Day July 6, 2015

Weisman Closeup smallThis is another view of the Weisman Art Museum at the University of Minnesota. Capturing unique angles as well as the reflection of light on Frank Gehry’s buildings can provide endless possibilities. As the sun went in and out of the clouds the building seemed to change colors and even textures, which you can see several examples of here. From shiny, hard-edged pieces to dull, less reflective bits, it all somehow works together as a cohesive, almost earthly, structure.


Weisman – Photo of the Day June 30, 2015

Weisman Clouds small

Minneapolis has a definite feeling of modernity as you pass by buildings with curves, angles, and textures that feel young and fresh like the city itself. The city isn’t afraid to invite new ideas and embrace them. Frank Gehry’s design of the Weisman Art Museum at the University of Minnesota is probably one of my favorite that I’ve seen of his work. Sitting on the river, its sleek metal design seems to be right at home. The curves flow with the water and match the billowing clouds above. Inside there is a great modern art museum as well as classes for the University. 

Temple Square – Photo of the Day Mar 21, 2015

LDS Temple small

Of all the times I’ve been to Utah, I’ve only casually passed through Salt Lake City a couple of times. I never spent much time in the streets or seeing the sights. Unfortunately this time wasn’t all that different, but we did get a chance to see Temple Square and check out the Museum of Contemporary Art. Of all the shots I got of the city, this skewed perspective of Salt Lake Temple was probably my favorite. The whole city seems great, but this site has some of the most curious and interesting buildings and fountains I’ve seen anywhere.

Omaha Sunrise – Photo of the Day Mar 13, 2015

Omaha Sunrise small

Omaha surprised me last year with how much they have going on. This year I had to stop again, so we went to Gene Leahy Mall for sunrise. I love the views of the skyline from along the water and the morning light was great. There are lots of trails to take around this area whether you are biking or running or just out for a walk. After shooting some photos we went down the big slides they have built into the park (it’s true!) and then went for a run through Heartland of America Park and over the awesome pedestrian bridge into Iowa.

Under Construction – Photo of the Day Mar 2, 2015

Capitol Scaffold small

Washington, D.C. has always been one of my favorite cities. There’s something great about seeing so many iconic landmarks on a short walk around town. There’s so much history concentrated in a few square miles, and it feels like you’re a part of it while you’re there. Like this country and our constitution, the building need constant maintenance and work to keep them up to date and functioning properly. I really like this metaphor of imagery for the U.S. and I think¬†the Capitol Building looks the best while under construction.

Columns in Light – Photo of the Day Feb 27, 2015

Sunset Columns smallGoing back to last month in D.C., I got this shot at the Jefferson Memorial, which is photogenic in many ways. I love the warmth of this shot as the sun was going down, and the temperature was dropping with it. It’s funny how photos can evoke a warm feeling even when the memory associated with that place is one of bitter cold. I just really enjoyed the light here and the way the columns open up to the sky as it curves.

Jefferson – Photo of the Day Feb 11, 2015

Jefferson Sunburst small

When we were in D.C. we spent a good amount of time at the Jefferson Memorial exploring the angles and seeing how the light changed as the sun went down. I really love this image of TJ looking out hopefully over the country he helped build while the sun sets peacefully over the nation’s capital. Even though it was pretty bitter cold, there were still busloads of people coming out to visit these landmarks, and the monument lit up beautifully inside with the late-day sunlight.

Reduced – Photo of the Day Feb 6, 2015

Reduced DC small

We just got back from a couple of days in D.C. and we had a great time rushing around to do what we wanted to in the short time we were there. One of my favorite museums anywhere is the Hirshhorn Museum, which always has rotating exhibits of amazing contemporary art. This piece, Lawrence Weiner’s “Reduced, Cat. No. 102,” is just the word repeated on windows in a second-floor room of the museum. I love the idea of this and that it is so open to interpretation. As such, I will not spend any time philosophizing on my thoughts about it, but instead I’ll leave it up to anyone viewing to do it for themselves; it’s much more fun that way!

The Island of Manhattan – Photo of the Day Jan 28, 2015

Manhattan Island small

Looking at lower Manhattan from Brooklyn Bridge Park is kind of exciting. It’s inspiring in a way. To see all of the city bunched up on that island is humbling. The lights start coming on as the sun goes down and the wind off the water stings my hands as I shoot on a cold winter evening. I still don’t want to walk away from the scene. I take in the view for as long as I can since I don’t get the opportunity so often.

Snapshot From Brooklyn – Photo of the Day Jan 27, 2015

From Brooklyn small

There is always so much going on in New York City at any given time that when I shoot a photo of the skyline I like to imagine all of the people that would be encapsulated there. Inside the building, on the boats, on the streets, and in the cars; it’s hard to fathom how many people are living their lives in the city while I stand still taking a photo. There is so much history, diversity, and depth here that I like the way everything I layered in this shot, giving a sense of the endless nature of this place.