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Sven – Photo of the Day Mar 30, 2015

Sven small

While in southern Utah we got to visit Best Friends animal sanctuary. They take in dogs, horses, goats, sheep, chickens, pigs, exotic birds, and, of course, cats. While on the tour we stopped at one of the many cat houses where we met Sven, and we became friends right away. He was quite excited to have company and was quick to show us how he likes being pet. The organization is fantastic, doing what they can to keep animals alive and safe while educating people about alternatives to euthanizing pets. 

What Are Wings For? – Photo of the Day Mar 4, 2015

Macaw small

The Omaha Zoo has everything and birds are no exception. I believe this is a macaw. I should have made note of it, but that’s what my memory tells me anyway. Much like the monkey I shot at this zoo, I sense great sadness in this animal. The more I’ve had time to think about it, the more I feel like no animals should be captive simply for our enjoyment. Even if they are well-cared for, they are really just being held in a box so we can go look at them when we feel like it. They are gorgeous and incredible creatures, but they should be in their own environments, protected there, and maybe if we are lucky and careful enough we could visit them in the wild.

Staying Afloat – Photo of the Day Feb 23, 2015

Headless Underwater

While at the Bretton Woods resort we stayed at The Lodge, which is a renovated motel with nice views of the White Mountains. As it is part of the large resort, we had access to the Mount Washington Hotel and its amenities. We got to swim and use the hot tub both nights, which is more than I get to swim pretty much any time of the year. It was relaxing after days of skiing, but we also had a good time doing a photo shoot with the pool light. This is one of very many shots I got that I really like including some attempts at feet shots. The light was really fun to work with, and I’ll be posting more soon.

Images in Life – Photo of the Day Feb 5, 2015

Kim Silo small

I recently did a photo shoot with an old friend and her husband and daughter. I have been shooting with her since college and have been there for most of the big events in her and her family’s life. From her engagement to the wedding to pregnancy to family photos now. While going through these photos I couldn’t help but smile thinking about how nice it is to have that relationship even though we don’t get to see each other much outside of these shoots. This is one of my favorite solo shots from the day. Here’s to many more years!

Peek-a-Booth – Photo of the Day Jan 30, 2015

Peek-a-Booth-2 small

This is an old shot, but one of my favorite candid shots I’ve taken. This kid was playing in the booth next to ours at a restaurant and she was very enthusiastic the whole time. I always want to take more candid shots of people or street photography, but I feel like I don’t have the audacity to shoot photos of people unsuspecting. That is one thing I’d definitely like to work on getting better at, because I love seeing great photos people in everyday life.

All There Is – Photo of the Day Dec 12, 2014

Monkey FaceI said recently that I’m unsure about my feelings on zoos. When I look at animals like this that have so much emotion in their face, I feel the word “captivity” a lot more strongly. Though I assume they are treated well at their residence, they are still confined and forced to live an unnatural life. I can’t help but wonder what they might be doing if they were allowed to live a wild and free life. I wonder if they wonder.