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Cambridge Walk – Photo of the Day May 23, 2015

Cambridge Walk small

Walking through Cambridge I simultaneously feel smarter and completely unintelligent. To be surrounded by such storied buildings of intellect can do that to a person. Hallowed halls aside, it’s a beautiful place with a great trail along the water in view of bridges and the modest Boston skyline. Strolling along here really helps me clear my head and brings back memories to wandering those streets aimlessly with friends years ago. I understand why it’s such a popular place to live.


Blue Boston – Photo of the Day Dec 18, 2014

Boston Blue

I love catching skylines from different angles at different times of day. They change so much depending on which direction you look from and what kind of light is in the sky. Blue hour is my favorite time because the light is usually great and the buildings are starting to light up, but there’s still plenty of light to see details. Boston has always been a challenging skyline for me to shoot because it’s so spread out. This is my favorite angle of the city with a lot of great elements shortened by the telephoto lens.