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Any Amount of Light – Photo of the Day Nov 27, 2014


It’s Thanksgiving in the U.S. so everyone is saying or thinking about what they’re thankful for. Despite the American tradition of gluttony and self-delusion about pilgrims and Native Americans being buddies, we can all get behind the idea of taking some time to think about the people that make our lives better. I’m lucky to have a few of these people, namely my mom, who has encouraged me for as long as I can remember to do what I love so I’m extremely thankful for her support in everything I do. And of course I’m thankful for my traveling companion who has been with me for almost every awe-inspiring moment I’ve had as well as so much more. Even if things look dark sometimes, any amount of light lets us see that the future might be bright.


A Piece of Mind – Photo of the Day Nov 26, 2014

FullSizeRender (3)

The Biosphere is one of the most unique modern structures in Montreal. The latticed dome is in a beautiful park across the St. Laurent River in Parc Jean-Drapeau offering great views of the skyline as well as plenty of recreational activities. It was a beautiful day for a walk when we stopped by. We basically had the place to ourselves as we walked the wooded path along the water and then up to enjoy the late afternoon light on the Biosphere itself. I was enjoying the reflections in puddles from the earlier rain, so you can expect more reflection photos once I’m home to edit things.

In the Wind – Photo of the Day Nov 25, 2014


The weather has been moody since we arrived in Montreal last week. First it was bitterly cold, then it was warmer and snowing, then it was raining followed by a beautiful, warm day with all the white stuff washed away. We took advantage of this perfect autumn weather to climb to the top of Mont Royal just outside of downtown and, after our eyes adjusted to the almost total darkness, we followed the winding woods paths and stairs to this brilliant overlook. It was chillier up there to be sure, but the worst part was the gusting wind. It was hard to keep the tripod still for a photo, but I was happy with this one as well as some others we had fun with.

Flight Potential – Photo of the Day Nov 24, 2014


Montreal has a ton of great attractions, including the Biodome, which is housed in the Olympic Stadium. It contains several different ecosystems including a tropical rainforest, a deciduous forest, and a sub-arctic area. At times it really feels like you’re walking through a humid, sticky rainforest while wearing winter clothes since it just snowed the previous night out in the real world. I watched this white ibis for a while until he was just about to take off. This is the image straight from my camera. I didn’t do any editing or cropping. As natural as I could get it, just like the Biodome.

At the Altar – Photo of the Day Nov 22, 2014


Among the beautiful parks and modern architecture of Montreal is a relic from another time that outshines them all. The Notre-Dame Basilica looks almost unassuming from the outside, but once you step inside you have to stand in awe for a moment before you can really absorb what’s in front of you. A gem of North American Gothic revival built in the 19th century, the altar is something you have to see to believe. The colors are breathtakingly vibrant, while the detailed woodworking is nothing short of a master work. You could spend hours inside discovering the nuances of individually carved statues and ornate spiral staircases; not to mention the 7000 pipes of the organ. Yeah. Definitely worth the visit.

Marchè du Vie – Photo of the Day Nov 21, 2014


Montreal has a ton of beautiful places to see. The market is no exception. Marchè Jean-Talon is in the middle of Little Italy and has the distinction of being one of the oldest markets in the city. So many gorgeous fruits and veggies were laid out before us it was hard to decide to buy something. It felt more like being in a museum of produce. Everything is as fresh as it is pretty, with samples at the ready to further entice your purchases. Beyond the produce there is a wine vendor, spices, tons of maple syrup, and a couple of cute little bakeries where I picked up some unusual and delicious treats. It was a nice change of pace to slow down and browse before sitting in the cafe to enjoy a pastry.