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Stars Over Wall Street – Photo of the Day Jan 5, 2015

Park Avenue Stars smallSouthern Utah has some of the most unique and incredible rock formations in the world, and Arches National Park is one of my favorite places to see them. Wall Street is lined with huge, narrow rocks that climb up on either side of the trail. I came a couple hours before dawn to catch the stars still hanging in the sky one morning. I had the park to myself and the silence was amazing. My eyes never adjusted to the point that the long exposure of my camera was able to see, but I could still feel the presence of the great structures that surrounded me.

Falling Space – Photo of the Day Dec 5, 2014



The night sky is one of the most mesmerizing and fantastic natural wonders we have the opportunity to view on a regular basis. The downside is that most of us live so close to major cities (or even minor ones) that the light pollution hides a ton of stars from our view. Living in southern New Jersey I am close to plenty of light pollution sources like Philadelphia and Atlantic City to name the closest ones. I also have hundreds of square miles of farmland, forest, and not much else in between the two that allow me to get away from it a little. This was taken near Salem, NJ, where it gets pretty dark and allows me to see a lot of stars that might otherwise be hidden. Star trail photos always remind me that we are just falling through space at a speed that we can’t even fathom while our little planet spins unknowingly as we sleep.