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Washington D.C.

Under Construction – Photo of the Day Mar 2, 2015

Capitol Scaffold small

Washington, D.C. has always been one of my favorite cities. There’s something great about seeing so many iconic landmarks on a short walk around town. There’s so much history concentrated in a few square miles, and it feels like you’re a part of it while you’re there. Like this country and our constitution, the building need constant maintenance and work to keep them up to date and functioning properly. I really like this metaphor of imagery for the U.S. and I think¬†the Capitol Building looks the best while under construction.

Columns in Light – Photo of the Day Feb 27, 2015

Sunset Columns smallGoing back to last month in D.C., I got this shot at the Jefferson Memorial, which is photogenic in many ways. I love the warmth of this shot as the sun was going down, and the temperature was dropping with it. It’s funny how photos can evoke a warm feeling even when the memory associated with that place is one of bitter cold. I just really enjoyed the light here and the way the columns open up to the sky as it curves.

Monumental – Photo of the Day Feb 17, 2015

Monument Abstract small

For the last D.C. photo for a while, I picked this one of the Washington Monument. I tried several ways of shooting the monument in an interesting and unusual way. This is my favorite of those attempts, with the abstract lines and colors creating more than just a straightforward image of a landmark and more of a thoughtful close up on it that almost has some ground-reversal qualities. I also like that it reminds me a bit of a flag and that the tone of the bricks changes so dramatically from the late day sunlight to the shadows.

Climate Change – Photo of the Day Feb 16, 2015

Pointy Plant small

While visiting the Botanic Garden in D.C. there were plenty of beautiful flowers, but some of the coolest plants weren’t flowering at all. It was great to be in a humid, warm environment while it was so cold outside. As we walked through a very warm rainforest environment in winter coats, it was hard to imagine actually being in that climate in the summer. I’ll try to remember how cold it has been when I’m in the desert this summer.

To the Point – Photo of the Day Feb 15, 2015

Monument Over Water small

Yes, another photo from Washington, D.C. The Washington Monument isn’t the easiest thing to photograph in an interesting way, but the curves along the tidal basin as we returned to our car at sunset just caught my eye leading up to the stone obelisk bathed in golden light. The water is that choppy because it was very windy and blowing icy cold air across the water at my fingers while I took this shot.

In Battle – Photo of the Day Feb 14, 2015

Iwo Jima small

Another memorial in the D.C. area that doesn’t get a lot of attention is the Iwo Jima Marine Corps Veterans Memorial. It’s outside the city next to Arlington National Cemetery, and it’s a great monument with a great view of the city from a high point. We stopped by at night and I enjoyed getting some more interesting shots that didn’t include the entire sculpture. I think cropping it in like this gives it a more dynamic feeling and somehow makes it feel more real.

Orchidaceae – Photo of the Day Feb 12, 2015

Orchid Colors small

The United State Botanic Garden has a ton of amazing plants and flower, many of which are orchids of many varieties. They are all intriguingly unique and beautiful. It seems like they have a personality. Some seems welcoming and friendly, while others seem fierce and intimidating. Their exotic shapes, colors, and spotting make it easy to spend a long time getting lost in a single flower. This one caught my eye as it seemed to be stretching out to get a look beyond the bushes it hides in.

Jefferson – Photo of the Day Feb 11, 2015

Jefferson Sunburst small

When we were in D.C. we spent a good amount of time at the Jefferson Memorial exploring the angles and seeing how the light changed as the sun went down. I really love this image of TJ looking out hopefully over the country he helped build while the sun sets peacefully over the nation’s capital. Even though it was pretty bitter cold, there were still busloads of people coming out to visit these landmarks, and the monument lit up beautifully inside with the late-day sunlight.

The Reverent Cold – Photo of the Day Feb 8, 2015

Jefferson Tree Silhouettes small

I think the Jefferson Memorial is one of the more overlooked of the major monuments in Washington, D.C. It sits a little farther away from the Mall, but the area around the tidal basin is gorgeous (even when there are no cherry blossoms in bloom.) It was freezing with the wind coming across the water, but the sunset was great and I caught this image as we hurried back to the car for warmth. The sky lit up perfectly after the sun dropped below the horizon and let these trees makes some really amazing dancing silhouettes.

The Palm of Winter – Photo of the Day Feb 7, 2015

False Sago Palm small

This is a False Sago tree from the United States Botanic Garden in Washington, D.C. I’ve always wanted to check out the garden, but somehow I never made it into the amazing (and free!) space just next to the Capitol Building. The place is filled with orchids, cacti, endangered plants, interesting information and exhibits, and the jungle exhibit where you can climb up to a walkway around the canopy. It was a really great respite from the cold and a lot of fun. I’d highly recommend it.

Reduced – Photo of the Day Feb 6, 2015

Reduced DC small

We just got back from a couple of days in D.C. and we had a great time rushing around to do what we wanted to in the short time we were there. One of my favorite museums anywhere is the Hirshhorn Museum, which always has rotating exhibits of amazing contemporary art. This piece, Lawrence Weiner’s “Reduced, Cat. No. 102,” is just the word repeated on windows in a second-floor room of the museum. I love the idea of this and that it is so open to interpretation. As such, I will not spend any time philosophizing on my thoughts about it, but instead I’ll leave it up to anyone viewing to do it for themselves; it’s much more fun that way!