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Mighty – Photo of the Day June 29, 2015

Mighty Mississippi Sunset small

Minneapolis had so many surprises for me– not the least of which was the Mighty Mississippi creating this breathtaking scene at sunset. The sun set slowly and gently as a light, cool breeze blew over the Stone Arch Bridge where I stood. The distant roar of St. Anthony Falls was little more than a whisper, but it was enough to drown out all of my thoughts while I sat in awe at the beauty of this midwest metropolis that I have somehow missed out on for so long. With the day’s last light the city tightened its grip on my heart and made it certain that I will be returning here whenever I get the chance.

Philly in My Rearview – Photo of the Day June 13, 2015

Philly Rearview small

Throughout all the traveling I’ve done, Philadelphia remains one of my favorite cities; probably number one overall. I assume that comes from all of the time I’ve spent with it. So many shows, meals, beers, walks, drives, bike rides, and jobs. It feels like home when nothing else does. As much as I do enjoy the city, there’s not a lot surrounding it that fulfills my appetite for adventure quite the way I want it to. It’s time to leave my favorite city in the rearview mirror and head into the sunset.

Under the Bridges – Photo of the Day May 29, 2015

Sunset Arches small

There’s a reason I always go out around sunset just to see what I can see. Especially when I’m in new places I like to be out around sunset to watch the sky change. Sometimes I get really lucky and come across beautiful little places like this river in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania where the sun dropped behind the many arched bridges along the water. It was a silent and peaceful evening along the banks, where steps dropped down so I could sit and enjoy the beauty of central PA. I’m going back this weekend, and I can only hope for something nearly as nice.

Closer to the Sky – Photo of the Day May 17, 2015

Divine Roof and Clouds small

Due to my being very sick over the past weekend and having to travel for work, I haven’t been able to post any new photos and I’ve been slow getting this one posted. I actually haven’t had any desire to take new photos with how I’ve felt, so I went back into the archives and pulled out this one from the roof of the Divine Lorraine in Philadelphia. This was one of the most beautiful sunset I’ve ever seen, partially because of the colors and clouds but also because I was sitting on top of this gorgeous old relic of a building in center city Philly looking west over the whole town along with a handful of other adventurers who found their way up there on a warm autumn night. Perfection.

Surrounded by Nature – Photo of the Day Apr 2, 2015

Hiking in Utah has plenty of rewarding views, and they’re often mixed with amazingly fun climbs. In Capitol Reef National Park we did what we could with the short time we had there, but that was a good amount. We hiked up to a wide canyon between two high walls that allowed us to explore several side canyons to climb up into. It was enough fun just playing in those, but the climb back out to the main trail was this great silhouette of rocks in front of the colorful sunset sky. We are so lucky to get to see these things regularly. 

Ripples – Photo of the Day Mar 26, 2015

Death Valley Ripples small

Detours can be one of the best parts of a road trip, and yesterday we decided to head to Death Valley instead of Moab. We got here in time for sunset, and seeing the low sun on the amazing landscapes here was crazy. The biggest surprise to me the first time I came to Death Valley was how much colorful, varied formations were here. Everything is beautiful and carved by wind and water over centuries. This is one of my favorite places at Zabriskie Point.

Park City – Photo of the Day Mar 20, 2015

Park City Sunset small

It’s been a fun week spent in Park City, Utah skiing, hanging out with friends, and sitting in hot tubs. It was a resort experience without having to stay at a resort. Sort of. Either way, this place is full of fun stuff to do and there is beauty in all directions. There is a hill in the middle of town called PC Hill, named for the big “PC” letters that adorn the side of it, visible from most anywhere you are in the city. We hiked to the top of the hill last night to watch the sun go down on this great place one last time before we leave. This paints a nice pictures of a very Utah kind of city.

Into the Sunset – Photo of the Day Mar 10, 2015

Highway Sunset small

As I’m heading west for a while I’ll be trying to post a snapshot of the previous day. The plan is to be up for sunrise daily and try to catch sunset in some amazing places. I always make note of the last New Jersey sunset I see before a trip. In this case as I was driving north to begin the trip the sun was setting over the highway I just came from. While things don’t always go as planned and riding off into the sunset seems like a fairy tale at times, I’m trying my best to look forward to the sunrises.

Taking Steps – Photo of the Day Mar 6, 2015

Sunset Arches small

Whenever I’m in a new place I like to find a nice spot to watch the sun set. It’s nice to have the chance to sit somewhere for a while and reflect on the day while watching the sky change colors. In Harrisburg, Pennsylvania I sat on these steps for a good hour or more just thinking and watching birds play along the water. It was incredibly calming and a good way to reset my mind after a day of working and stress. 

Silhouette of Liberty – Photo of the Day Mar 5, 2015

Liberty Silhouette smal

Back before everything was covered under snow we were having a somewhat mild winter. At Brooklyn Bridge Park we climbed out over some rocks past the sign that said not to climb on the rocks. We assumed that was just a suggestion anyway. I liked the silhouettes of sunken detritus around small rock island. Birds were everywhere and people were scarce. It was a nice way to experience the sunset.

Union Clouds – Photo of the Day Mar 3, 2015

Clouds Over Union smallI was feeling like a basic image today; something that didn’t involve snow or too much analysis. The sunsets over Union Lake in Millville are often breathtaking and colorful. I live just around the corner, but I still don’t seem to get there often enough. By the time I notice the sky lighting up out my window it’s almost too late. I’m looking forward to seeing so many sunsets in new places in the coming months, but I will always love this one spot in my hometown.

Making It Work – Photo of the Day Feb 28, 2015

Smoke Stacks small

While trying to find the “perfect” shot of these smoke stacks, we took a wide route around the nearby blocks looking for any clearings to see them as the sun was rapidly setting behind. This is one of several shots I snapped from across Naval Square. It isn’t precisely what I was looking for, but some of the unintended elements in the foreground ended up working for me. The problem with having a specific idea of what you want a photo to look like is that it almost never turns out that way. You just have to make the best out of what you can get.

Columns in Light – Photo of the Day Feb 27, 2015

Sunset Columns smallGoing back to last month in D.C., I got this shot at the Jefferson Memorial, which is photogenic in many ways. I love the warmth of this shot as the sun was going down, and the temperature was dropping with it. It’s funny how photos can evoke a warm feeling even when the memory associated with that place is one of bitter cold. I just really enjoyed the light here and the way the columns open up to the sky as it curves.

Vermountains – Photo of the Day Feb 18, 2015


Some days while skiing you can get really lucky with the weather. On clear afternoons in Vermont the mountains stretch out beautifully across the landscape while you glide down wide lanes of white. The state doesn’t seem quite as frozen from this view, and the rolling hills seem to go on forever out to the horizon from the top of Killington peak. As I’ll be heading back to Vermont this weekend for some skiing I was looking back at some of the old photos. This will not be a view I’ll see since Killington is so often overwhelmed by people. Hoping I have more time skiing and less in lines!

To the Point – Photo of the Day Feb 15, 2015

Monument Over Water small

Yes, another photo from Washington, D.C. The Washington Monument isn’t the easiest thing to photograph in an interesting way, but the curves along the tidal basin as we returned to our car at sunset just caught my eye leading up to the stone obelisk bathed in golden light. The water is that choppy because it was very windy and blowing icy cold air across the water at my fingers while I took this shot.

Jefferson – Photo of the Day Feb 11, 2015

Jefferson Sunburst small

When we were in D.C. we spent a good amount of time at the Jefferson Memorial exploring the angles and seeing how the light changed as the sun went down. I really love this image of TJ looking out hopefully over the country he helped build while the sun sets peacefully over the nation’s capital. Even though it was pretty bitter cold, there were still busloads of people coming out to visit these landmarks, and the monument lit up beautifully inside with the late-day sunlight.

The Reverent Cold – Photo of the Day Feb 8, 2015

Jefferson Tree Silhouettes small

I think the Jefferson Memorial is one of the more overlooked of the major monuments in Washington, D.C. It sits a little farther away from the Mall, but the area around the tidal basin is gorgeous (even when there are no cherry blossoms in bloom.) It was freezing with the wind coming across the water, but the sunset was great and I caught this image as we hurried back to the car for warmth. The sky lit up perfectly after the sun dropped below the horizon and let these trees makes some really amazing dancing silhouettes.

The Beginning of the End – Photo of the Day Jan 20, 2015

Nursery Sunset small

I’m always watching the sunsets or looking for them. Even days when it’s cloudy I find myself wandering outside or gazing up at the clouds when I know the sun is about to be gone for the day. Something about that time of day is just really interesting to me. Thinking about it makes me want to more actively pursue the sunrise. I know every ending is another beginning, such as the beginning of the night, but I’d like to start greeting the start of the day with the same reverence I give the end.

Sunset on the Farm – Photo of the Day Jan 19, 2015

Farmland small

Anytime I visit the farmland areas I think I should be going back all the time. It’s such a stark contrast in landscape to the claustrophobic grid of city streets and houses near where I live. You can actually see the sky and there are beautiful colors playing in the fields. I love the simplicity of this scene and the tranquility. It makes me feel calm even though I feel like I need constant stimulation to keep myself busy. This lets me sit and relax for a moment.

Winter Pond – Photo of the Day Jan 17, 2015

Roosevelt Park Sunset small

Unless I plan to go somewhere to do outdoor activities, the winter will often keep me inside a lot of the time. It’s nice to get out even for just a little while each day for a walk if nothing else. After a nice day of watching movies inside, we came to Roosevelt Park for a walk around the pond at sunset. It’s a beautiful park and the frozen pond made the colors extend beyond the sky. We also got to watch a group of ducks hanging out and walking on the ice!

Looking West – Photo of the Day Jan 16, 2015

Pilings Sunset small

There are a few places in New Jersey where you can see the sun drop into the water at the end of the day. It’s a nice change since we live on the east coast and normally that’s reserved for California or the Gulf Coast. But since the bottom of the state is a peninsula we have the bay to our west. At East Point the sunset is arguably just as beautiful as some over the Pacific. The sun sets over Delaware and depending on the time of year there are horseshoe crabs lining the beach.

Ice Sculptures – Photo of the Day Jan 13, 2015

Hanging Ice small

Union Lake at sunset is one of the prettiest places I have close to where I sleep. In the winter these icicles form on the trees and bushes along the shore from the water that splashes up throughout the day. It’s pretty amazing to see the kinds of sculptures that form, and with the sunset behind them they look even more magical. The worst part is the biting winds coming off the water while I try to get a good shot. Definitely worth it.

States of Matter – Photo of the Day Jan 11, 2015

Maurice Ice Pano smallThis is another shot from my recent walk on the Maurice River Bluffs trails. This is from the newest section of trail that was added, which is quickly becoming my favorite part. The ice stretched all along the shoreline and some of it was holding on under the remains of this old dock or structure. The sun was starting to go down as we were here and the whole scene was too much to choose one little piece to focus on, so I utilized the iPhone panorama feature. It works amazingly well and has made capturing images like this so much easier. See also: slow motion video. We had some fun with that and breaking ice.

Winter’s Arrival – Photo of the Day Jan 8, 2015

Snow Shadows small

If this looks familiar it’s because it is the same shot from two days ago under snow. It’s also a little earlier in the day so the color is a little less warm. I had a nice walk around the snow-covered trails of the Maurice River Bluffs yesterday, enjoying the new world created by the snow. I like how similar, yet different, everything seems, which is why I chose to share this photo so soon after the other one. There’s always another way to see something; it can be a place or a situation.