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New York

Silhouette of Liberty – Photo of the Day Mar 5, 2015

Liberty Silhouette smal

Back before everything was covered under snow we were having a somewhat mild winter. At Brooklyn Bridge Park we climbed out over some rocks past the sign that said not to climb on the rocks. We assumed that was just a suggestion anyway. I liked the silhouettes of sunken detritus around small rock island. Birds were everywhere and people were scarce. It was a nice way to experience the sunset.

Dunnfield Creek – Photo of the Day Feb 13, 2015

Dunnfield Creek Snow small

I’ve been to this particular area quite a few times, usually at the end of a hike to the summit of Mt. Tammany. This time we took the AT to Sunfish Pond so I finally started the trail along Dunnfield Creek. It’s even better in the snow since all of the water is still flowing and exposed but the rocks and banks are covered in fresh white. It was great hiking along this area while we could before the trail split off into the forest. I look forward to returning again when it gets warm to spend some more time walking along, over, and through the creek.

The Island of Manhattan – Photo of the Day Jan 28, 2015

Manhattan Island small

Looking at lower Manhattan from Brooklyn Bridge Park is kind of exciting. It’s inspiring in a way. To see all of the city bunched up on that island is humbling. The lights start coming on as the sun goes down and the wind off the water stings my hands as I shoot on a cold winter evening. I still don’t want to walk away from the scene. I take in the view for as long as I can since I don’t get the opportunity so often.

Snapshot From Brooklyn – Photo of the Day Jan 27, 2015

From Brooklyn small

There is always so much going on in New York City at any given time that when I shoot a photo of the skyline I like to imagine all of the people that would be encapsulated there. Inside the building, on the boats, on the streets, and in the cars; it’s hard to fathom how many people are living their lives in the city while I stand still taking a photo. There is so much history, diversity, and depth here that I like the way everything I layered in this shot, giving a sense of the endless nature of this place.

Above & Below – Photo of the Day Jan 12, 2015

EmptyNYC smallNew York has so many vantage points, be it a rooftop from Brooklyn, a waterfront, the subway, a random window, or an alley, that a visitor is offered endless perspectives. These are two of my favorite views from within a short period of time when I visited the Top of the Rock observation deck. I like the difference and the similarity; the emptiness of both, but the potential to hold so much. That’s New York.

The Way to Manhattan – Photo of the Day Dec 9, 2014

NYC Skyline Birds

This weekend we visited New York for the day and wandered around Brooklyn while trying to stay warm. Brooklyn Bridge Park is a great place for views of lower Manhattan, even though half the park is under construction with  condos. There is a nice walkway, soccer fields and basketball courts, and some nice sculptures.This one spot felt like there was so much going on that I spent a lot of time shooting as the sun went down. It seemed like each one of these posts was the perch for a different bird. They were everywhere. And the sunset behind the city was beautiful. Manhattan lit up its lights while Brooklyn bathed in the final glow of the day.