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Hidden Messages – Photo of the Day May 18, 2015

Small Abstract Ice small

When you look too closely at something you can form a skewed image in your mind about what it is. When you back up it’s sometimes difficult to comprehend what you’re really seeing now that you have the full picture. Context makes all the difference. We expect things to stay the same forever, but they change so frequently and rapidly that our minds don’t have the capacity to adjust. We hold on to old ideas and anything that is comfortable to keep us safe. Denying that things have changed only means that you, yourself, have not changed. The world cannot be slowed.


Morning at the Lodge – Photo of the Day Feb 19, 2015

Sunrise Ice small

Spending a couple of nights at The Lodge at Bretton Woods in New Hampshire was a great little vacation. Besides being a nice room, with access to a hot tub, pool, bars, and game rooms at the swanky Mount Washington Hotel, we also got this view just off of our balcony. We got ourselves up at sunrise (which is actually quite later than the posted time since the sun has to get over those mountains…) and had this brilliant golden glow fill the room as it filtered through the hanging ice and lit up the valley. Absolutely worth the wait.

On Thick Ice – Photo of the Day Feb 4, 2015

Sunfish Pond Feet small

Last weekend we had a fantastic hike up the Appalachian Trail in New Jersey to Sunfish Pond. Usually, this pond is not so solid, but being that is was covered in ice and snow we decided to walk across it. The snow-covered trail to the pond couldn’t have been more picturesque, but walking across a frozen pond on a beautiful day made us happy campers. It was her first time walking on a frozen lake, and I believe it was my first time completely crossing one. I tried a few different things with this photo to get a good angle. The deep snow made it hard to get behind and under the feet, and I wanted to include some of the footprints in front as well.

The Texture of Ice – Photo of the Day Jan 18, 2015

Ice Textures small

It’s been a while since I can remember it being cold enough in New Jersey for the lakes to stay frozen for any length of time. I used to walk out on Parvin Lake pretty regularly in the winter, but it’s been a while since I would even consider setting foot on the ice. I still didn’t do it this year, but it looks like it might be able to hold weight. I’m really enjoying looking up close at the textures and how the water freezes. It’s pretty amazing and really unique. It’s another way that a familiar landscape is transformed into something else completely amazing.

Winter Pond – Photo of the Day Jan 17, 2015

Roosevelt Park Sunset small

Unless I plan to go somewhere to do outdoor activities, the winter will often keep me inside a lot of the time. It’s nice to get out even for just a little while each day for a walk if nothing else. After a nice day of watching movies inside, we came to Roosevelt Park for a walk around the pond at sunset. It’s a beautiful park and the frozen pond made the colors extend beyond the sky. We also got to watch a group of ducks hanging out and walking on the ice!

Ice Sculptures – Photo of the Day Jan 13, 2015

Hanging Ice small

Union Lake at sunset is one of the prettiest places I have close to where I sleep. In the winter these icicles form on the trees and bushes along the shore from the water that splashes up throughout the day. It’s pretty amazing to see the kinds of sculptures that form, and with the sunset behind them they look even more magical. The worst part is the biting winds coming off the water while I try to get a good shot. Definitely worth it.

States of Matter – Photo of the Day Jan 11, 2015

Maurice Ice Pano smallThis is another shot from my recent walk on the Maurice River Bluffs trails. This is from the newest section of trail that was added, which is quickly becoming my favorite part. The ice stretched all along the shoreline and some of it was holding on under the remains of this old dock or structure. The sun was starting to go down as we were here and the whole scene was too much to choose one little piece to focus on, so I utilized the iPhone panorama feature. It works amazingly well and has made capturing images like this so much easier. See also: slow motion video. We had some fun with that and breaking ice.

Painting With Crystals – Photo of the Day Jan 10, 2015

Abstract Ice small

Taking a different look at the scenery from my recent snowy images, this is a close up view of ice on the shore along the Maurice River near the Bluffs trails. After a great, long walk we came out to the shore to enjoy the spectacular sunset light on the frozen water and came upon these great little works of art crystallized in the ice. I could have shot thousands of images just inches away from each other and they would all be amazing and unique like this one. They remind us of abstract modern oil paintings, like looking close at a Van Gogh.

Freeze – Photo of the Day Dec 27, 2014

Freeze small

Ringing Rocks State Park in Pennsylvania provided some unexpected treasures during a holiday visit last year. After checking out the field of rocks and hitting a few of them with a hammer (look it up) we headed down a short trail to the waterfalls. Being December, it was cold enough for it to have frozen, and the fresh light coat of snow on everything made the scene even more perfect, if very dangerous to climb on. The ice formations were so intricate and fun to explore. I think I managed to only almost fall once!