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D Town – Photo of the Day Mar 28, 2015

Dallas Freeway small

My job allows me to do some traveling that’s not part of our road trip so I’m in Dallas currently. The jump from Pacific Time to Central has not gone unnoticed, but I did enjoy a nap at my hotel before venturing out to the city to get some amazing vegan food at Spiral Diner, a couple beer samples at Deep Ellum Brewing, and this shot over the freeway that I really love. It’s been a while since I’ve gotten any good city shots; especially any longer exposures. Considering I was handholding the camera and balancing on a rail with it, I’m extremely happy with how it turned out.

Red Lights – Photo of the Day Mar 18, 2015

Red Lights small

Park City, Utah is a ski resort town with a Main Street lined with bars, restaurants, art galleries, and more fur and leather stores than I’ve seen in my life. We took to the streets last night on St. Patrick’s Day to see the drunken lift operators and vacationers stumble down the road while enjoying the pretty lights lining the street and window shopping some art. We even got to go into one of them and stand in awe of the crazy photos of the Utah landscapes. This restaurant lighting was definitely my favorite view of the night.

Revisiting – Photo of the Day Jan 22, 2015

Maurice Lights small

In my effort to get outside daily even if it’s only for a long walk, I’ve been taking some of the paths through Millville that I normally only run on. So, while the lighting was nice the other night I headed over the Maurice River walking bridge and really liked the view toward downtown. Aesthetically, it’s probably one of the nicest parts of the city, I’ve used it multiple times as a subject from different vantage points. It rarely disappoints.

Main St. – Photo of the Day Jan 14, 2015

Main St Lights small

This is a shot of my hometown, Millville, New Jersey, during a foggy night after midnight. There wasn’t much traffic, and everything looked a little more soft, so I set up a long exposure to catch the street light with all three lights lit up. I was happy with the result and a little portrait of a place I know very well.

Cleveland Colors – Photo of the Day Jan 9, 2015

ClevelandSkyline small

Cleveland is a city I had no preconceived notions about, but I had a nice time there both times I visited. It’s a compact city with wide streets that are great for biking, which is my favorite way to get around and explore new places. The waterfront is beautiful, and Great Lakes Brewing is not far from downtown. After a day of biking, sampling beers, and watching the sunset over Lake Erie I found this great overlook across the river. While the skyline is small, it really is a pretty sight when the sun goes down.


Where We Stood – Photo of the Day Jan 2, 2015

Chicago Skyline smallChicago is a great city for views. No matter where you stand there’s a great view of the skyline from across the lake or from just below (or above if you go up in the Hancock Tower or Sears Tower) or down the river that runs through the city. Basically, anywhere is a good view in my opinion. From the observatory is one of my favorite views, clearly. The sunset is great, but once the lights start coming on the skyline really shows its best side. Just after sunset is my favorite time to shoot cities, and Chicago is no exception. The path around the waterfront is great for views, but it’s perfect for a sunset run or bike ride too. There’s just something about this town.

Looking for Home – Photo of the Day Dec 25, 2014

River Lights BW smallKeeping it brief for the holidays. This photo just made me think of how even when you’re in the place where you live and you know a lot of people, it doesn’t always feel like home. There’s a feeling of constant search for a place to belong and a way to get there.

The Way to Manhattan – Photo of the Day Dec 9, 2014

NYC Skyline Birds

This weekend we visited New York for the day and wandered around Brooklyn while trying to stay warm. Brooklyn Bridge Park is a great place for views of lower Manhattan, even though half the park is under construction with  condos. There is a nice walkway, soccer fields and basketball courts, and some nice sculptures.This one spot felt like there was so much going on that I spent a lot of time shooting as the sun went down. It seemed like each one of these posts was the perch for a different bird. They were everywhere. And the sunset behind the city was beautiful. Manhattan lit up its lights while Brooklyn bathed in the final glow of the day.

Any Amount of Light – Photo of the Day Nov 27, 2014


It’s Thanksgiving in the U.S. so everyone is saying or thinking about what they’re thankful for. Despite the American tradition of gluttony and self-delusion about pilgrims and Native Americans being buddies, we can all get behind the idea of taking some time to think about the people that make our lives better. I’m lucky to have a few of these people, namely my mom, who has encouraged me for as long as I can remember to do what I love so I’m extremely thankful for her support in everything I do. And of course I’m thankful for my traveling companion who has been with me for almost every awe-inspiring moment I’ve had as well as so much more. Even if things look dark sometimes, any amount of light lets us see that the future might be bright.

In the Wind – Photo of the Day Nov 25, 2014


The weather has been moody since we arrived in Montreal last week. First it was bitterly cold, then it was warmer and snowing, then it was raining followed by a beautiful, warm day with all the white stuff washed away. We took advantage of this perfect autumn weather to climb to the top of Mont Royal just outside of downtown and, after our eyes adjusted to the almost total darkness, we followed the winding woods paths and stairs to this brilliant overlook. It was chillier up there to be sure, but the worst part was the gusting wind. It was hard to keep the tripod still for a photo, but I was happy with this one as well as some others we had fun with.