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On Thick Ice – Photo of the Day Feb 4, 2015

Sunfish Pond Feet small

Last weekend we had a fantastic hike up the Appalachian Trail in New Jersey to Sunfish Pond. Usually, this pond is not so solid, but being that is was covered in ice and snow we decided to walk across it. The snow-covered trail to the pond couldn’t have been more picturesque, but walking across a frozen pond on a beautiful day made us happy campers. It was her first time walking on a frozen lake, and I believe it was my first time completely crossing one. I tried a few different things with this photo to get a good angle. The deep snow made it hard to get behind and under the feet, and I wanted to include some of the footprints in front as well.


Snow on Holly – Photo of the Day Jan 26, 2015

Snowy Holly small

With the impending snowstorm set to hit the northeast US, I was thinking about how we haven’t gotten any big snowstorms yet this year. Strangely enough it seems to me there have been quite a few snowy days that I’ve been out hiking around locally in freshly covered trails. This is another from a trail I rarely take at South Vineland Park. I really like the scene in snow as it’s not usually quite as visually pleasing without it.

Freeze – Photo of the Day Dec 27, 2014

Freeze small

Ringing Rocks State Park in Pennsylvania provided some unexpected treasures during a holiday visit last year. After checking out the field of rocks and hitting a few of them with a hammer (look it up) we headed down a short trail to the waterfalls. Being December, it was cold enough for it to have frozen, and the fresh light coat of snow on everything made the scene even more perfect, if very dangerous to climb on. The ice formations were so intricate and fun to explore. I think I managed to only almost fall once!

Remember Where You Come From – Photo of the Day Dec 23, 2014

Freeze Leaf small
It’s hard to be creative when you’re comfortable. Any situation that requires some difficulty to figure can often yield the best art in my experience. Whether it be a relationship problem or a physical challenge, being outside the comfort zone makes you think outside the box, which is inherently creative. I think that kind of thinking really opens up channels that seem hard to access when one is at ease. This shot came out of a particularly stressful morning coupled with being stuck outside briefly in the cold. Not to over-explain, but I like the dead leaf reaching out toward the tree from which it fell. Never forget.