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Caught in the Wires – Photo of the Day Apr 25, 2015

Electric Tower small

There are so often random amazing¬†spots in places you aren’t looking for it. One of the best parts about being in a new place every day is discovering these little spots and feeling somehow comforted by the ubiquitous beauty that exists everywhere if you can appreciate it. This one happened to be on a disc golf course in South Carolina. As the sun was going down, the well-designed and fun course was challenging us, but I was holding my own. Can’t get mad at a missed putt with these surroundings.

Framed – Photo of the Day Mar 24, 2015

Framed Mountains small

We’ve been having such a good time in the Salt Lake area that we decided to stay for a couple more days. We finally got our discs out today and played at the Creekside disc golf course in SLC. It was a little rainy, but we had a great round and there was a great view all around. The mountains surrounding the city are amazingly close and picturesque. It’s hard to see them in full sometimes, but we got a few great views and I really liked this frame looking back to the tee from the fairway.