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Desertscape – Photo of the Day Apr 29, 2015

Desertscape small

The landscape of the American Southwest is amazingly varied and unique. Driving through the desert regions you could be among high mountains with snow then surrounded by endless flatness with dry bushes, tumbleweeds, and Joshua trees dotting the landscape. It is endlessly beautiful no matter where you go during the day, and the stars come out at night almost lighting up the pure blackness as the strange silhouette forms rise up on all sides.

Desert Lightning – Photo of the Day Dec 22, 2014

Desert Lightning small

It turns out being in the right place at the right time is a big part of getting a good photo. It also happens that sitting in the same spot for an hour shooting hundreds of frames trying to catch one of the numerous lightning strikes happening a few miles away in the desert is another big part of it. After an amazing day of hiking in slot canyons we got to witness this beautiful lightning storm attack the desert as the sun went down. We had a great, safe vantage point from the road where we could sit and enjoy the show. This was my first attempt at editing a lightning shot, and I’m pretty happy with the result.

Mojave Sun – Photo of the Day Dec 13, 2014

Mojave Sun Small

Driving from Joshua Tree north through the Mojave National Preserve was one of my best accidental decisions. The sun setting over the large desert expanse behind the rows and rows of mountains was an experience I cannot recount through words. Being surrounded by nature of that scope is just a transcendent feeling. I pulled over and just kept looking around as the warm night breeze picked up. The rest of the drive would pitch dark with a sky full of stars and roads washed out from recent floods. Trying as it was, I’m glad I headed off the highways for the day to experience this place.