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Abe – Photo of the Day June 21, 2015

Abe small

I spent the weekend in Washington, DC, and I had a lot of plans to go around and see some of my favorite places. That didn’t really work out because work had me extremely busy and it was pouring rain one night. Before I left I did get to take a stroll around the Mall up past some of the memorials I rarely visit. I haven’t been to the Lincoln Memorial in a long time, but it was just as crowded and popular as always. This shot makes me think of the calm, respectful idea that was intended for the monument.


Clearing the Haze – Photo of the Day Mar 11, 2015

Indiana Tree small

Day one of road tripping has been successful. We made it from New Jersey to Chicago without much incident. Even throughout the emptiness of much of the interstate highways between here and there, not being alone made it so much better. The drive seemed long at times, but now that I’m looking back it hardly seems like it was over twelve hours of driving. As the snow was vaporizing and creating haze over the farmland of Indiana, the trees took on an even more solitary look. It was a beautiful scene driving across an otherwise empty landscape.

Peek-a-Booth – Photo of the Day Jan 30, 2015

Peek-a-Booth-2 small

This is an old shot, but one of my favorite candid shots I’ve taken. This kid was playing in the booth next to ours at a restaurant and she was very enthusiastic the whole time. I always want to take more candid shots of people or street photography, but I feel like I don’t have the audacity to shoot photos of people unsuspecting. That is one thing I’d definitely like to work on getting better at, because I love seeing great photos people in everyday life.

Snapshot From Brooklyn – Photo of the Day Jan 27, 2015

From Brooklyn small

There is always so much going on in New York City at any given time that when I shoot a photo of the skyline I like to imagine all of the people that would be encapsulated there. Inside the building, on the boats, on the streets, and in the cars; it’s hard to fathom how many people are living their lives in the city while I stand still taking a photo. There is so much history, diversity, and depth here that I like the way everything I layered in this shot, giving a sense of the endless nature of this place.

Beautiful Death – Photo of the Day Jan 25, 2015

Dead Tree Path smallTo get away from the snowy pictures for a day, this is from Cheesequake State Park in central New Jersey. It’s not the easiest to find a good hike in the area, but we had never been here so we gave it a shot. There is a well-worn, but still somewhat difficult to navigate, series of trails throughout the forest there. The trails pass through marshes, thick deciduous forest, and along graveled roads at different points. There was a little ice, a lot of mud, and plenty of nice, quiet places to enjoy the views of winter along the way. This particular spot grabbed us as an interesting and beautiful view of winter’s grip. Shedding everything to start anew this spring.

Sound and Color – Photo of the Day Jan 7, 2015

Snow Stream small

After the full day of snow, I had to get out for a walk before dark. The best thing about the snow is it makes things new, so my usual walk around the lake at South Vineland Park was transformed into a place where I could look around to see things I wouldn’t recognize. I had the music turned up as the snow continued to fall steadily, and it was a nice feeling. It took me out of my head for a little while.

Freeze – Photo of the Day Dec 27, 2014

Freeze small

Ringing Rocks State Park in Pennsylvania provided some unexpected treasures during a holiday visit last year. After checking out the field of rocks and hitting a few of them with a hammer (look it up) we headed down a short trail to the waterfalls. Being December, it was cold enough for it to have frozen, and the fresh light coat of snow on everything made the scene even more perfect, if very dangerous to climb on. The ice formations were so intricate and fun to explore. I think I managed to only almost fall once!

Looking for Home – Photo of the Day Dec 25, 2014

River Lights BW smallKeeping it brief for the holidays. This photo just made me think of how even when you’re in the place where you live and you know a lot of people, it doesn’t always feel like home. There’s a feeling of constant search for a place to belong and a way to get there.

All There Is – Photo of the Day Dec 12, 2014

Monkey FaceI said recently that I’m unsure about my feelings on zoos. When I look at animals like this that have so much emotion in their face, I feel the word “captivity” a lot more strongly. Though I assume they are treated well at their residence, they are still confined and forced to live an unnatural life. I can’t help but wonder what they might be doing if they were allowed to live a wild and free life. I wonder if they wonder.

Last to Arrive – Photo of the Day Nov 23, 2014

FullSizeRender (2)

It’s officially no longer beach season in New Jersey. That may have been the case for a while, but with the frigid temperatures and impending snow, it’s now settled. The cold didn’t stop us from having a nice walk on the shore while the waves crashed. We both realized that neither of us had been to the beach at all this year in the times when most people find it acceptable and fun. I actually prefer the beach without all the people. I definitely don’t mind the drive there from where I live in the middle of the state without the droves of PA drivers clogging the single-lane roads. Now I’m looking forward to coming back when it snows!