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Skimming- Photo of the Day June 3, 2015

Bird Reflection small

Watching birds gracefully float through the air is calming to me. They take off in a fuss but end up spreading their wings and letting the wind carry them smoothly through the air. In Louisiana we visited a man-made nesting area for birds, and there were hundreds of them inhabiting the small islands of wood and leaves. Every few seconds one would take off and soar over the water, trying to grab a fish or bringing back more building materials for the nest. They flew with purpose and conviction, but they flew silently, skimming the top of the water with their wingtips.


What Are Wings For? – Photo of the Day Mar 4, 2015

Macaw small

The Omaha Zoo has everything and birds are no exception. I believe this is a macaw. I should have made note of it, but that’s what my memory tells me anyway. Much like the monkey I shot at this zoo, I sense great sadness in this animal. The more I’ve had time to think about it, the more I feel like no animals should be captive simply for our enjoyment. Even if they are well-cared for, they are really just being held in a box so we can go look at them when we feel like it. They are gorgeous and incredible creatures, but they should be in their own environments, protected there, and maybe if we are lucky and careful enough we could visit them in the wild.

Flight Potential – Photo of the Day Nov 24, 2014


Montreal has a ton of great attractions, including the Biodome, which is housed in the Olympic Stadium. It contains several different ecosystems including a tropical rainforest, a deciduous forest, and a sub-arctic area. At times it really feels like you’re walking through a humid, sticky rainforest while wearing winter clothes since it just snowed the previous night out in the real world. I watched this white ibis for a while until he was just about to take off. This is the image straight from my camera. I didn’t do any editing or cropping. As natural as I could get it, just like the Biodome.